How It Works

The Xformative Platform is a hosted SaaS solution that can also be licensed and deployed on-prem. The Xformative Platform helps solve financial uses cases with the Xformative Developer API and Portal by facilitating event processing, querying, reporting and analytics for three main features.

Storing value as a result of industry accepted funds flows on a high-performance ledger.
Accepting and making payments via multiple payment channels.
Issuing and processing for cards and other payment instruments.

The three main features are broken into three event resource types. It is important to note, events are commands or requests made to the Xformative Platform and events are also the associated outcomes or responses from the commands.

Xformative processes the events and stores the results in a customer specific event stream. The customer's event stream is always queryable via the Xformative Platform but is also optionally streamed back to the customer for their own analysis.

Core resources represent the business service endpoints, business payloads and business event processing. Core resources are further delineated by the following:
Organization resources organize the main actors of the system into a graph of relationships.
Ledger resources manage accounts, entries and postings with industry standard fund flows.
Program resources manage a group of account offerings, payment channels, payment instruments, spend controls and authorization fund flows. Programs are offered by Clients to Individuals for enrollment as Participants.
Payment resources manage payment sources in addition to funding and disbursement/payout transactions.
Card resources manage card issuance, card state and card packages.
Batch resources represent the service endpoints, payloads and event processing for batch event files and ETL files.
Notification resources represent the service endpoints, payloads and notification event processing for the event stream and web-hooks Xformative's customers subscribe to. Xformative streams it's customers all processed events and will webhook any event a customer subscribes to.