Ledger API

The Xformative Ledger API provides a way for customers to manage accounts, entries and posting fund flows.

Pre-configured Accounts & Fund Flows

The Xformative Ledger provides its customers with out of the box system of accounts and fund flows that have been hardened by years of in production use. These fund flows support common use cases like authorizations, clearing, settlement, funding, unfunded commitments, interest, fees, carryovers and grace periods.

Customizable Accounts & Fund Flows

The Xformative Ledger allows customers to implement their own custom fund flows.

High availability, audited and secure

The Xformative Ledger is always performant, compliant and secure.

Load tested to 4000 transactions/sec

The Xformative Ledger can handle any real world load.

Real-time blazing fast balances

The Xformative Ledger provides blazing fast realtime balances on all user accounts.

Pending entries and pending balances

The Xformative Ledger always has an entry and posting state.

Reconcile with built in tools and services

Xformative provides tools and reports to make customer reconciliation activities easy.

Reconcile with a shared event stream

Xformative maintains all events forever internally and in addition streams all events to its customers. This allows our customers to do their own analytics on all the data as a system of record without delays.