Payment API

The Xformative Payment API provides a way for it's customers to manage payment sources and execute funding and reimbursement events against different payment channels.

Pre-integrated protocols

The Xformative Payment API has already integrated with multiple payment protocols providing out of the box payment channels.

Bring your own payment gateway

The Xformative Payment API produces an agnostic ingress and egress payment file or real-time event triggers. Xformative allows customers to process their own payments with their own gateway.

Simulate payment network transaction lifecycles

Simulate any card scenario in the Xformative sandbox.

ACH, check and wire


Direct to Debit

Crypto (Q2 2022)

Shared event stream

Xformative maintains all events forever internally and in addition streams all events to its customers. This allows our customers to do their own analytics on all the data as a system of record without delays.