Organization API

The Xformative Organization API provides a way for customers to store an organization of profiles such as custodians, clients, individuals, dependents, participants, payees and their relationships utilizing a graph schema.

Extremely fast with infinite scale

Stores profiles and their relationships utilizing a graph schema and subsequently unbeatable speed and infinite scale.

Pre-configured organization units

Provides pre-existing organization profile types and relationships to solve for almost any financial use case.

Customizable organizations

Organization units can be customized to meet customer needs.

Infinite profiles and relationships

There is no limit to the number of clients and individuals.

Individuals with dependents

All individuals in the system can have dependent account holders and card holders.


Grouping of profiles that share the same payment channels, spend controls and payment instruments.

Reconcile with a shared event stream

Xformative maintains all events forever internally and in addition streams all events to its customers. This allows our customers to do their own analytics on all the data as a system of record without delays.